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Glowing Feedback.

We recently sold for $1.4B! We would never have achieved that without you as our partner.” You guys are hands-down the best agency for building billiondollar brands.
– H. Michael Schwartz, Founder, CHAIRMAN and CEO, SmartStop Asset Management
You guys are literally the best team I’ve worked with in the past 20 years. You literally saved my company!
– Ed Evans, President, Golden Spoon
Incredible! You brought us about $25 million and 500+ new leads...I was not expecting results to pop this quickly. What a great campaign!
– Diana Keary, SVP, Head of Marketing, Griffin Capital
When you're considering an agency review, save yourself the time and energy and go directly to Todd and team. I've worked with them on two rebrands and they're the only partner I need.
— Karyl Parks, Chief Marketing Officer, Titus
I would 150% recommend your team. I’d even put my job on it!
– Sam Brooks, VP Marketing, Silberline
Wow! 4 new brands. 4 home runs. You guys never ceases to impress. Your consistent depth of expertise—both creatively and strategically is unmatched. You knocked it out of the park…again!
– Landon Taylor, Chairman & CEO, Legacy First
Working with you all is like having another trusted employee in the conversation, that just also happens to be an expert.
– Jim Barkdoll, CEO, Titus
You and the team did an amazing job on our re-branding to Alvaria. Employees and customers have universally given us kudos for the look and feel, and the professionalism this new branding conveys.
– Michael Harris, CMO, ALVARIA
Your impact was felt on everything from our valuation to our culture. You’re true professionals.
– Lori Chavez, VP Corporate Marketing, Guidance Software
You guys are AMAZING! Thanks for doing such a great job, every day.
– Terri Avnaim, CMO, Sauce Labs
My experience with you has been bar none the most excellent, effective, and enjoyable.
– Lily Knowles, Director, Worldwide Go-to-market Integration, Cisco / Linksys
We charged your team with capturing the spirit of our vision and positioning us for the future. You hit it out of the park!
– Spencer Kupferman, CEO, PKWARE
Having been though analogous processes with many marketing agencies, I have to say that I am impressed by your approach, and I am happy to be a part of it!
—Bernd Harzog, CEO ANKA
We needed a partner to help us create a bold and courageous brand—from the visual identity to the website, from core messaging to delivered!
– Jeremy Barnett, Chief Commercial Officer, Lokker
You guys worked magic…Any brand would find you a valuable strategic partner to have in their back pocket.
– Laurel Young, Senior Director, Creative Services, Veritone
From initial conversation to delivery of our incredible brand platform, the your team was friendly, thoughtful and masterful at their craft. I am thrilled with what you’ve produced for us, and would absolutely work with you again.
– Adam Christian, CEO/Co-Founder, Stateful
You guys did a great job of expressing our complex service offering in a clear, compelling and differentiated way.
– Kelly Kucera, SVP Marketing, CloudVirga
You drove the entire process from strategic positioning to market launch. You nailed it!
– Lars Nordenlund, CEO & Founder, Cognize
You and the team immersed yourselves in our business and developed an incredible brand!
– Adam Christensen, Global Head of Brand, Marketing and Communications, Ingram Micro Cloud
You and the team were a seamless extension of our internal team. We couldn’t have been happier!
– Nate Otiker, Executive Director of Global Digital Marketing, Quest Software
Your team was invested in my success both emotionally and financially and having a partner like that at your side is absolutely invaluable.
– Landon Taylor, CEO, Aerodrome
After the launch, employees were saying that it felt like a total re-birth of the company…well done, guys!
– Michael Harris, CMO, Guidance Software
This is one of our finest moments. You have found a message, with Simplicity at Work, that legitimately could change Quest.
– Doug Garn, CEO, Quest Software
You and the team were outstanding and provided significant value as an extension to our business.
– Tony Bellagamaba, Vice President of Global Sales, SmartRoom
You helped us create a brand that really stands out!
– Jeff Kalina, Executive Vice President, SmartRoom
Detailed, professional, and creative. I couldn't have asked for anything more!
– Brian Speckart, Director Marketing, Pioneer Electronics
You brought a fresh perspective to our web site and had some innovative ideas that we are excited to explore!
– Matt Kowalick, VP, Legendary Pictures
You and the team brought a fresh perspective to our industry and had some interesting campaign ideas that we are excited to explore
– Jeremy Barnett, VP of Marketing, 505 Games
You exceeded our expectations with the quality and depth of their ideas.
– Jon Dean, Creative Director, DIRECTV
You guys are a valuable marketing partner to our organization and will continue to be for years to come.
– Scott Archambault, Director of Marketing Communications, REAL D
Your creativity and attention have been invaluable to the development and formation of our branding strategy…you inspired us to bring ingenuity into our thinking in a big way.
– Molly Iarocci, SVP, DCA Advisors
You helped strengthen existing relationships and facilitated hundreds of interactions with brand new potential clients. Very impressive!
– Jay Frank, Chief Operating Officer, Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Management
Having a partner like you at the table is absolutely invaluable!
– Scott Gale, President, Ventus Group
You and the team delivers as promised! Quality content, data-driven insight, and 200+ qualified leads in the very first week.
– George Rupp, Managing Director , Walker & Dunlop Investment Partners
We would absolutely recommend your team to anyone looking for highquality marketing materials.
– Bill Broms, CEO, BRIX REIT, Inc.
The collaboration with your team has been invaluable.
-Anthony J. Dufault, Head of ETF Product Development, Pacific Global Asset Management
You guys are the best! We love working with you!
– Lynda Savoit, SVP/CMO, Orange County’s Credit Union
I would recommend your team to anyone looking to achieve their strategic marketing objectives on-time and on-budget, with great results.
– Darren Pitchford, Marketing Director, Independence Bank
You brought the perfect blend of research, creativity, and strategic ideas to the table.
– Guillermo Jimenez, CFO, ILWU Credit Union
You and the team were a great partner during every step of the journey as we developed a leading-edge, world-class digital health company.
- Jessica Neufeld, VP Strategy & Marketing, egnite Health
You guys stood out beyond other agencies and immediately established yourselves as an essential extension of our marketing team.
– Torrey Loper, Senior Product Manager Marketing, Edwards Lifesciences
You significantly increased conversion rates. We were most impressed by your culture and the working relationships we developed with your team.
– Steve Wigginton, CEO, Medley Health
This was easily one of the best pieces we've ever produced….it's an amazing tool for new hires. We should be thanking you!
– Christopher Lumby, VP Marketing, TigerConnect
A world-class brand and dozens of new leads every week. We couldn’t be happier! You guys are the whole package.
– Faye van Boxtel, CMO, Advanced Airway Solutions
You were extremely collaborative and we think that has resulted in truly great work.
– Mike Wong, Director of Marketing, Zyris
They approach branding and marketing the way we approach patient safety technology—smart, disruptive, and results-driven.
– John Barnhill, VP Marketing, RF Surgical Systems
You guys have a no-drama approach that is really refreshing and delighting us.
– Hans Eckhardt, VP of Marketing, SCAN Health Plan
You brought innovation, creativity, experience and humility to the process and now we have the foundation for a breakthrough campaign.
– Warren Martin, Vice President Brand Marketing, Ajinomoto Windsor
We view your team as management consultants. Your breadth of expertise is invaluable.
– Mike Forsum, COO, Landsea Holdings
You did a great job repositioning our brand and worked seamlessly with our team, providing an end result that everyone immediately embraced
– Bert Selva, President/CEO, Shea Homes
Your team created marketing materials like nothing our market has ever seen!
– Chris Tipre, VP, Trammell Crow Company
Our expectations were very high and you have over-delivered.
– Chris Payne, Managing Director, Sares Regis Group
You have taken my comfort level to a whole new level!
Alan Holtschneider, Director of Marketing, Yokohama
We always seek to surround ourselves with folks that have elite talent. You can achieve this in one fell swoop by partnering with Todd and his team.
– Darren Richie, General Manager, Irvine BMV
You have exceeded my expectations. Thank you!
– Bob Milner, General Manager, Mercedes Benz of Long Beach
Todd and team delivered a critical component in our integrated marketing and fundraising campaign.
– Kimberly Truhler. Marketing Director, UCLA
You all are truly invested in our success and we’re lucky to have you on our team!
– Lucy Dunn, CEO, Orange County Business Council and Homeful Board Member
You guys nailed it!! Couldn't be happier. Thank you!
– Brandon Ocampo, CEO, Two Way Direct
The quality of service and deliverables has truly exceeded our expectations.
– Lesa Smith, Director of Marketing, Genea Energy Partners