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Client Testimonials

“Kate worked tirelessly to secure a solid win on a valuable premium domain we entrusted her to divest on our behalf. Her expertise, ethics and professionalism are second to none—highly recommend Kate and team to anyone looking to maximize value on buying or selling premium domain names.”

—Matt Wegrzyn, Founder and CEO Bodis | Founder and CEO

“Kate was a pleasure to work with. We were divesting my last company and had some debts on the books, we reached out to Kate to help us with our domain sale, not only did she get us 4x our asking price, she did it within a 90 day tight window! I will definitely work with her again.”

—Sam E. Ulu, Founder at Candidly | Techstars

“For over five years Kate Buckley has been my broker for several high value domains. Kate is tenacious, fair, honest, highly ethical, and funny. I started my Internet services and domains business in 1993 and of all the people I have met in my nearly 30-year career, Kate is one of the very few people I trust in this industry. I am looking forward to working with her on many more opportunities.”

—Steve Pierce, Co-founder The YPSI | President

“Kate went above and beyond my expectations and got me a price much higher than expected! Apart from being a true professional, Kate’s also got the gift of the gab, is an expert negotiator and skilled at closing deals. I was impressed with her clarity of communication, persistence, integrity, and innovative and strategic thinking. If you have an ultra-premium domain name and want to maximize its value – Kate is your best option .”

—Vinod Nair, Operations at Leadable

“I was introduced to Kate after someone tried to transfer and sell my domain out from under me. Kate was just what I needed when I needed her. She is warm and wonderful. She made me comfortable with the entire process of the sale. She got a great price for it too. I would not hesitate to use Kate’s services again. It was a true pleasure.”

—Matt Tollee, Sr. Architect Information Technology Tools and Automation | Lumen

“When our partner Reza Sardeha of pointed us to the opportunity of acquiring in an expired domains auction, he stated: ‘that’s a domain worth $400K sitting right there.’ And it would’ve indeed been a $400K sale if it wasn’t for Kate’s persistence and vision, chasing high-quality buyers and not letting the domain go for less than what it’s truly worth: one million dollars. Well done, Kate!”

—Legendary Names, Inc.

“Kate has been instrumental in our domains’ divestment. We own several premium domains not in use due to group acquisitions. We searched for brokers in the top domain sales and contacted a few. Buckley Media was by far the most professional and we quickly decided to try first with them. We could not be happier, with already several sales of our unused assets at prices much higher than anticipated!”

—Jonas Junger, Director of Strategy, Spark Networks SE (NYSE: LOV)

“Kate pursued multiple leads, carefully following up each one, and negotiating hard to get a good price for my premium domain name. Then success! I just received double my reserve price. It was a totally painless process and Kate provided complete visibility at every step along the way.”

—James Baker, Domain Investor

“Consider yourself lottery-level lucky if you have the opportunity to work with Kate. All the typical glorious adjectives absolutely apply: smart, professional, knowledgeable, creative, strategic, and ethical. But there’s something deeper that isolates Kate from any would-be competitors and which makes collaborating with her so wonderful, and ultimately profitable. Kate legitimately cares. About her clients, her job, domain names, and the domain name industry. This passion breeds trust and my faith in Kate resulted in a deal that made everybody a winner. All I had to do was let Kate take the reins.”

—Scott Mueller, CEO/Founder, UCode

“I had a domain name that had appreciated in value quickly and I didn’t know the best way to go about selling it. I reached out to Kate and she graciously agreed to take on the name. She was able to tap into her vast network of contacts and through a few weeks of outreach and negotiations she was able to find a buyer at a price I didn’t even think was possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for domain name broker!”

—Hamp Oldshue, Domain Investor

“I found Kate by researching highest price domain sales. She’s the real deal. She successfully brokered a premium domain for me, maximizing its value during a very difficult time (both a pandemic and an economic downturn), and I was impressed by her tenacity, ethics, and creative and strategic thinking. If you’re looking to maximize value on a premium domain, you can’t go wrong with Kate on your team!”

—C. J. Newton, CEO, SEO Logic

“If you want your premium domain name to be sold by a warm, collaborative expert at the top of her game, via an empathic yet tenacious approach, maximizing value and delivering an optimal outcome, turn to Kate Buckley and Buckley Media. Kate and her team are simply brillian —I recommend them without hesitation!”

—Rene Van Hulst, Domain Investor

“Kate brokered the sale of one of my ultra premium domains and not only successfully found a qualified buyer via her targeted and curated outbound efforts, but negotiated an extremely favorable price on my behalf—and did so in just a few months! Kate’s the best— can’t recommend Buckley Media highly enough for best-in-class brokerage of acquiring and selling premium domains! #teamKate”

—Martijn van Eijk, CEO, 70times1 Limited

“Kate worked tirelessly to market and sell, a premium domain name [for me]. Getting a deal done during the Covid-19 pandemic was absolutely extraordinary. And not just any deal—a truly fantastic one. She is an expert negotiator and consummate professional.”

—Michael W. Carter, Domain Investor

“In the domain industry, there are Domain Brokers then there are passionate Domain Brokers. I have been lucky enough to have one of my domain names brokered with one of the best in the industry, Kate Buckley. Kate’s persistence and follow up with the eventual buyer was perfect. I remember Kate giving a keynote talk at a domain conference, and she spoke about the way she markets her domain names she is selling. Kate does not just send the regular email or make the basic phone call to the prospective buyer, she tells a story on why the domain name is a perfect fit to the prospective buyer and how it will benefit them. I WAS SOLD! Thank you, Kate, for the amazing job and getting the top price.”

—Bruce Breger, CEO, Web Real Estate

“It was awesome to work with Kate on the sale of my premium domain. She patiently worked through the opportunities and helped guide me in making the best decision for the sale. Look forward to doing more business with Kate as I work through my domain portfolio!”

—Paul Rubillo, Former CEO/Founder of & Former CEO of & ETF Daily News

“Kate was fantastic to work with. Very professional, deliberate, strategic and thorough in representing our asset sale from beginning to end. She was particularly deft during the heat of final negotiations when things can go sideways and kept the deal on track—we are very happy with the result! I can wholeheartedly recommend Kate to others and we will definitely retain her services again should the opportunity arise.”

–Grant Bennion, Domain Investor

“After seeing Kate’s tweet on yet another successful domain sale, I approached her to broker a similar domain name. It’s worth noting that I’d been holding the domain since November 2008 without any meaningful offer. Kate was able to find good leads and engage multiple buyers in a short period of time. Opening offer from one lead was a strong one and I was somewhat surprised when she said: We will wait for a better offer. Within couple of days, she negotiated a better offer from another company, and the deal was closed successfully this week. On my own, I could have settled for a lot less but she knows how to negotiate and get the best deal. Thanks Kate, and looking forward to work on other opportunities!”

—Aamir Siddiqui, Owner, Dot Corner Web Services

“Kate performed brilliantly for our company. I am convinced that she was able to get the maximum price for the domain which she sold on our behalf. I would not hesitate using her again for future domain sales. And I unconditionally recommend her services.”

–Doug Vaughan, President, Direct Response Productions

“When I was thinking of selling a long held ultra premium domain name that I owned, I did some research and ended up calling Kate Buckley at Buckley Media. Wow! What a great job she did for me. If you have any ultra-premium names you are considering selling, I can save you a lot of time. Just call Kate. You will be glad you did.”

–Jim Hackett, Domain Investor

“Kate is one of the domain experts in the field of domain name appraisal and brokerage that I would trust to handle my portfolio. Kate is a long time associate and friend and I trust her to make sound negotiations for me and my business.”

—Michael Castello, CEO, CCIN/The Castello Brothers

“Having dealt with several domain name brokers in the industry over the last few years, I can attest that Kate stands out as one of the best. Kate started the marketing effort for my domain name with a targeted outbound campaign which resulted in several promising leads. Kate’s friendly and professional approach with potential buyers ultimately resulted in a sales price that was significantly higher than the reserve. As a seller, I was always kept up to date on the status of outbound campaigns and ongoing negotiations with prospects. It was a pleasure working with Kate and I highly recommend her.”

–John B., Domain Investor

“Kate Buckley not only sold us a world-class domain, but a fantastic business plan and marketing blueprint as well. She is an absolute pleasure to do business with, and worked with us in transparency and integrity every step of the way.”

–Todd Cook, CEO, LB Interactive

“Kate Buckley of Buckley Media helped me maximize my ROI beyond what I imagined on a very large domain transaction and I cannot thank her enough. I love her style as a professional broker and more importantly, as a person. Giving and trustworthy. Classy and cool. If anyone ever needs help acquiring and/or selling a valuable domain name/brand name, you absolutely need Kate!”

–Vito Pietrarosso, CEO, Media Branding LLC.

“Since 1998, Kate Buckley has set the standard for professionalism in our industry. My only regret is that when Kate was created they broke the mold. A competitor once told me, ‘I would trade forty of my staff for one Kate Buckley’.”

–David J. Castello, COO, Castello Cities Internet Network, Inc.

“Kate is an indispensable strategic partner, handling the high-end sales of my legacy domains. Her experience, strategic outlook, negotiation skills, and knowledge of the space are second to none—allowing me to realize top dollar returns on my domain portfolio. Last year alone, she sold seven figures worth of domains for me. I recommend her to anyone looking to maximize their domain investments.”

—Roy Messer, CEO, Nett Corp