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YOUnion is the brainchild of a 3-time client who specializes in acquiring dozens, or hundreds of small companies in the same vertical, integrating and re-branding them, and positioning them for eventual acquisition. They came to us with a need for a game-changing brand for a nationwide student housing project.  We noticed right away that their competitors were all focused on talking about themselves – number of locations, property features, etc. – and were not talking at all about the end benefit to the students who actually lived in the properties. From that insight, YOUnion was born. A brand focused on YOU, the student, and how your life can be transformed by the very nature of the living environment you choose for yourself during the most pivotal years of your young life.  Our work touched everything from brand, to acquisition campaigns, to employee training programs, to experiential design within the properties themselves. A new brand was born, vacancies were rapidly filled, and thousands of students could embark on their college journeys from the launchpad of truly transformative environments. 

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