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Expert & Discreet Domain Acquisition Services

Welcome to’s Expert & Discreet Domain Acquisition Services. 

It all starts with a great name. You can build a brand (spending millions in sunk costs to brand a made-up word or attempt to scale on subpar domain or a non .COM), or you can buy a premium domain with immediate consumer resonance and authority. But how do you purchase a domain name when best one for your company is already taken? 

With over two decades of experience and a deep and trusted network within both the domain and business communities. The team at has the experience to help you get the best domain name available at the best price possible—with a high touch, personalized approach tailored to each project. For each engagement we accept, we provide:

• Professional and discreet representation
• Experienced and knowledgeable negotiation
• Lightning-fast response time
• Assessment and valuation services ensuring you never overpay for a domain
• White glove escrow and clearing services

With’s proprietary Domain Acquisition Services, we consult with you on your naming strategy, then work diligently and strategically behind the scenes to help you discreetly acquire your desired domain name—at the right price, while keeping your identity strictly confidential. We will work with you to analyze what the acquisition will be worth to your company, along with its value as a stand-alone domain name—including analysis of associative metrics, inclusive of relevant comparable sales, to assist you in setting an appropriate price target/range for this acquisition.

We not only identify and contact the current owner of your desired domain name, but we use our industry knowledge, connections and experience to expertly negotiate and acquire the domain on your behalf, saving you a great deal of time and money. We then ensure all domain name transactions and transfers are efficiently and securely handled via (the market leader for domain escrow services, awarded the BBB Torch Award for Ethics), providing a seamless, elegant and efficient experience for our valued clients.

We also provide naming services to help you identify the most powerful domain name possible to accomplish your strategic goals. The right ultra-premium domain brings: Authority, Credibility, Legitimacy, Memorability, Value, and Visibility—serving as a multiplier for your marketing efforts, and a moat around your brand. Quality premium domains are lead generators, brand enhancers, and appreciating assets. All three lead to increased ROI and higher company valuations, while reducing the cost of customer acquisition. Additional service offerings range from qualitative and quantitative testing (don’t guess—test!) to full service branding, and more.

“Kate and team were
incredible in supporting our
team through the domain
acquisition process. Their
guidance was always
prompt, strategic, and
thorough. Would
recommend them to anyone
looking for help in the
domain world.”
—Matt Joanou, Cofounder at Stakeholder Labs

“Kate and team were an
indispensable partner in not
only procuring the ideal
domain name for our new
initiative, but also crafting a
brand manifesto that
perfectly captured the spirit
and ethos of it as well. It’s
rare to find partners that
can deliver on multiple
fronts—and do it at such a
high level—I recommend
them without reservation.”
—Landon Taylor, Principal, Pier 70 Ventures

“We worked with Kate and
team on a couple of
strategic acquisitions. Each
journey was different
and they helped us navigate
them professionally,
creatively, and proactively.
They are highly
communicative and their
passion for their field is
what empowers them to
drive on forward and give
that extra oomph that it
takes to cross the finish
—Noah Dentzel, CEO,
Nomad Goods

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